In the most beautiful season, let us meet the Shanghai Hardware Show
       When a bare flower emerges from a bare branch, when a small bud grows in the gray-burved field, when the quiet village hears the bird, the spring comes quietly. When I first entered the spring, it was still cold. With the bloom of flowers, the madness of the buds, and the rising temperature, we are looking forward to the best time in the spring. For the hardware industry, there is a different expectation every spring.
       Because, in this most beautiful season, we will meet in Shanghai and meet with the hardware exhibition.
       This is a grand exhibition, which will be attended by more than 2,500 companies. With the latest equipment, the latest products, open a year of exhibition journey.
       The professionalism of the exhibition and the scale of the exhibition will not be missed by the people in the industry.
       It is understood that the 29th China International Hardware Fair will be held in the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) from March 30th to April 1st.
       According to the organizer of China International Hardware Expo, this year's Expo uses the National Convention and Exhibition Centers 4.2H, 5.2H, 6.2H, 7.2H, and 8.2H, with more than 2,500 exhibitors. The scope of exhibits covers hand tools, power tools, pneumatic tools, mechanical equipment, welding equipment, hardware products, mechanical and electrical products, abrasives, manufacturing equipment, labor security and so on.
       China International Hardware Fair is held twice a year. It is currently the largest hardware professional exhibition in the world. It not only builds a platform for supply and marketing cooperation for many domestic hardware companies, but also provides strong support for many international hardware brands to enter the Chinese hardware market.
       This exhibition still attracts many elite companies from the domestic and international hardware industry: American Shida Tools, American Stanley STANLEY, Polish YATO, Great Wall Seiko, Eagle Seal, Superstar Steel Shield, Power Lion Tools, Tajima Tools, Golden Anchor Ladder , Field Tools, Reed Endura Tools, Delixi, Ruijing Mall, Bosch BOSCH, Germany, Mai Taibao, Japan Makita Power Tools, Japan Zeto Electric, Japan Liyoubi, US Ingersoll Rand, Swedish Art Las Copco, Dongsheng Welding, Boshen Tools, Jiangsu Dongcheng, Ruiqi Tools, Zhuhai Elephant Abrasives, Dayou Tools, Chuangye Abrasives, Hummers, etc.