Pay attention to the quality of hardware accessories in the decoration
       The hardware accessories in the decoration include: door locks, door hinges, door suctions, bath towel pendants, and other materials. Many owners and even some home improvement companies have failed to pay attention to them. Although these hardware accessories do not have much impact on the overall decoration effect, if the owner buys counterfeit and shoddy products, the trouble caused by it is not small. Experts believe that the material, process and other conditions are different, the price of the material will be doubled or even several times, and the quality will vary greatly. Experts remind consumers not to underestimate these hardware accessories, they often play the role of connection or decoration, once the problem occurs, the decoration effect will be greatly reduced.
       Hardware accessories mainly look at materials and workmanship
       It is understood that the general hardware accessories are mainly composed of copper, alloy, stainless steel and iron, and the prices are also very different. At present, the most used home decoration is stainless steel hardware, but the stainless steel material has the disadvantages of impure material and easy to print water stains. At present, many families have begun to use aluminum alloy fittings. According to industry sources, the aluminum materials claimed by some merchants in the market are actually only alloy materials containing aluminum, which are blended with other components such as silicon and magnesium, different aluminum alloy materials and surface film thickness and surface treatment process. There is a big relationship, these factors often affect the price and quality of materials. The CEO of a certain company introduced that the surface treatment process mainly includes oxidation, sanding, electroplating, wood grain and baking varnish. The price of the products is also very different. Taking the sliding door frame as an example, the average market price of products using oxidized matting process is in each square. The meter is about 180 yuan, and the electroplating process has reached 260 yuan per square meter, and the price difference is nearly 45%.
       The aluminum alloy materials commonly used in the market mainly include aluminum-magnesium alloy and aluminum oxide, and the price between them is also nearly one-third. "Because the surface of alumina and aluminum-magnesium alloy materials looks similar, it is difficult for consumers to distinguish. Larger, but consumers can judge from the sense of touch, water stains, etc." Experts said that aluminum-magnesium alloy materials are relatively heavy, the surface is relatively smooth, not easy to appear water marks, toughness; and alumina material is rough surface, It is easy to blacken and show signs of water stains. At the same time, if there is a slight scratch on the surface of both, the aluminum-magnesium alloy material is easily erased, and the alumina is difficult to remove. In addition, the door handles are also very different in price due to the difference in hole pitch and type.
       Beware of stainless steel becoming "rust iron"
       Many merchants use stainless steel instead of stainless steel fittings, which mixes a lot of iron in stainless steel, and the price difference is nearly twice. Take the towel rack as an example. The price of stainless steel is about 200 yuan per piece. The price of stainless steel is only 70 yuan per piece. The surface is basically the same, but the surface of stainless steel is brighter. The time of using stainless steel is one. Long, the surface is easy to black and rust. In addition, some counterfeit products use inferior aluminum alloy as raw material, the surface is coated with a layer of metallic light, posing as high-grade stainless steel. Judging these two materials, consumers can tap the surface. If the crisp sound is emitted, it is mostly stainless steel. The dull sound is likely to be an aluminum alloy that is "clothed".
       The best silver mirror in the bathroom
       According to reports, the mirrors commonly used in home decoration are mainly divided into two kinds of mirrors and silver mirrors. The price difference between the two is about 30%, and the market price of silver mirror is 80 yuan to 90 yuan per square meter. 50 yuan per square meter, and the quality is also a far cry. The difference in materials is the main factor that causes the price difference between the two. The back of the silver mirror is first coated with a layer of mercury and then painted; while the back of the mirror is coated with a layer of aluminum and painted, the effect of waterproofing and anti-fog is reduced a lot. After the water is encountered, the frame of the mirror is easily reddish and the paint surface is easy to fall off. In addition, processing techniques such as baking, printing, and tempering also affect the price of the mirror.