Well-known exhibitors gather in Shanghai 2017 Kitchen Expo opens into the countdown
       The 2017 China International Kitchen Expo LivingKitchen China / CIKB 2017 (referred to as the 2017 Kitchen Expo) will be grandly opened at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center from October 22-24. As the only event in China that is only the exhibition of the kitchen industry, this year's kitchen fair was strongly promoted by LivingKitchen, the mother-in-law Cologne International Kitchen Show. It is committed to creating a high-quality kitchen professional event by aggregating the world's top kitchen brands. At that time, there will be German group, European group and domestic well-known first-line brands competing together to present the cutting-edge technology and unique charm of kitchen industry supplies.
       Professional exhibition grand strikes, intimate service, quality and enjoyment
       It is reported that the fully upgraded 2017 Kitchen Expo will implement a professional division of the exhibition area with a new exhibition concept to provide high-quality and considerate services to exhibitors. The layout of the new exhibition area is reasonable, and the “dynamic and dynamic” is perfect. It can provide business negotiation, engineering business docking, real-time interaction with the audience, display the corporate image in all aspects, infiltrate the brand connotation, carry out brand expansion and realize two-way benefits. The professional exhibition layout and scientific exhibition area arrangement have effectively met the development needs of the market. At that time, it is expected to attract nearly 30,000 professional visitors from home and abroad to enter the venue and enjoy the unprecedented feast of Chinese kitchen exhibits.
       International big coffee collectively settled in the local brand competition
       The 2017 kitchen fair, which carries the seamless concept of German modern kitchen concept and the Chinese consumer market, also highly integrates the three elements of “integrated, comfortable and environmentally friendly” modern kitchen, leading the kitchen culture at the forefront, and attracting many domestic and foreign Well-known exhibitors settled in the exhibition. Last year's strong lineup of German pavilions BOSCH Bosch appliances, SIEMENS Siemens appliances, GAGGENAU Gaggen, MHK Group, CARAT kitchen design software, Hailo, nobilia German kitchen, Nolte, Zeyko, Hettych Hettich Exhibitors such as hardware and exhibitors from the European loyal pavilions AEG, SMEG, FRANKE, and blum Blum hardware have confirmed their participation. At the same time, the 2017 kitchen fair will also add many new brands and new faces, such as Beckermann German Bergman kitchen cabinet, pronorm foil cabinet, Naber, Express Küchen, Vauth-Sagel, Dein-Konfigurator, and Chambord, France. Etc., among them, there are many brands that have come to China for the first time. They bring advanced kitchen technology to China and exchange deep with domestic kitchen brands to learn from each other and develop together. The domestic brands are star-studded, Haier, Fangtai, Boss, Midea, Germany, Vantage, Shuaifeng, Wanjiale, Wanhe, Schindler, Gaogao, Opec, Dongtai, Supor, Aishi, and Zhangzhou Tian, Senge, etc., more than 200 exhibitors, will display more than thousands of kitchen exhibits, let the audience feel the passion and development of modern kitchen.
       Featured events take turns to showcase the industry trends
       After years of precipitation and expansion, China International Kitchen Expo has broken through the boundaries of pure exhibitions and has grown into a system integrating exhibition services, trade exchanges and information platforms in the kitchen industry. During the 2017 Kitchen Expo, the organizers will unite with many well-known associations, exhibitors and media in the industry. At the same time, they will invite a number of industry executives to organize a number of exciting themed events to create a platform for industry leaders to communicate in depth and take turns to set off modern kitchens. Heat storm.
       During the exhibition, the 5th China International Kitchen Industry Development Forum and Sino-German Modern Kitchen Industry Summit Forum, 2017 (first) China Kitchen Industry Brand Summit, Designers' Kitchen Ideas Forum, Modern Residential Kitchen Smoke Prevention, Smoke Exhaust Problem Development Forum, etc. High-end forums, etc., are all assisted by the industry's big coffee, to develop the policy of the kitchen industry and explore new problems of homogeneity, and help exhibitors to deeply understand the industry dynamics. At the same time, well-known brands from Bosch, Siemens, Fangtai and Haier will also hold new product launches to showcase new trends and cutting-edge technologies in their respective fields, presenting the first-class technical achievements and business ideas of the international and domestic kitchen industry. Service mode. The long-awaited "Chinese Kitchen for the World" project is based on the 30-year history of China's "modern kitchen" and is highly compatible with the theme of the kitchen fair. By then, the event will be jointly interviewed by the leader of the 30-year "kitchen archives". In the past 30 years, 30 products that have changed the lives of Chinese people have fully demonstrated the development of Chinese kitchens.
       In addition to a wide variety of professional activities, the 2017 Kitchen Expo regular activities are also very exciting, designers visiting exhibitions, room matching, cooking teaching, beauty food, star kitchen live, cooking show, DIY baking experience, free decoration consultation, etc. The outstanding programs will be presented to the guests and the audience, let everyone taste delicious, exchange cooking, experience the fun of cooking, and enjoy the convenience and comfort of the modern kitchen.
       Authoritative data is released on the spot to create a deep industry event
       As a deep kitchen industry fair, 2017 Kitchen Expo will directly attack the core of the kitchen industry, continue to publish industry authority data, and create the most learning industry event. At the 2017 (first) China Kitchen Industry Brand Summit, Tencent Home will release the “2017 China Kitchen Consumption Big Data Report”, and the professional statistical agency Zhongyikang will also release the “2017 China Kitchen Electric Industry Research Report”. The two reports will use the lively and interesting H5 topics, graphics, paper reports, videos and other forms to explain the development rules and trends of the domestic kitchen sector to the industry, and provide big data support for more industry professionals and professional exhibitors. At the same time, the second phase of the “Ruihao-Bailun China Middle Class Survey Report” will also be released during the exhibition. Through the multi-dimensional survey content analysis of the target audience, vivid depiction of the interesting kitchen life of Chinese middle class families. Form, explore the new ecology of the kitchen industry. I believe that the release of these professional data will bring more gains and reflections to everyone.
       In short, an industry event that incorporates featured exhibits, brand exhibitors, professional interactions, and authoritative data has already sounded the charge! From October 22nd to 24th, the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center, the Living Kitchen China (LivingKitchen China) will The most professional service, to create the most valuable comprehensive industry feast in the kitchen industry, to help the industry continue to prosper and develop. China International Kitchen Expo is looking forward to your participation!